Poll Suggest a Liberal Minority


If an election were held today, Kathleen Wynne would win another minority government, that according to one of the first polls conducted since the snap election was called for June 12.

The Forum Research survey of 1,845 Ontarians indicates the Ontario PC’s ahead in the popular vote and the NDP losing ground with the Liberals staying in power albeit with a minority.

The poll was gathered Friday and Saturday with nearly one in four saying they would vote PC this time around at 38% followed by 33% for the Liberals, NDP sliding to just 22% of decided voters.

Nearly one in four respondents (38 per cent) said they would vote for Tim Hudak’s Tories, followed by the Liberals at 33 per cent and the NDP at 22 per cent.

According to the poll, the Liberals are strong in the GTA but trail everywhere else in the Province.

Tim Hudak’s PC’s seem to have support of eastern, southwestern and northern Ontario.

However, even though the Tories have the popular vote, it would only translate to 45 seats while the Liberals could end up with 49 of the 107 seat legislature. When the election was called, the Liberals held 48. According to the poll, the NDP would capture just 13 seats even though 56 percent of the responders support Andrea Horwath not supporting the Liberal budget tabled last week. The vote of no confidence triggered the election. The Green Party has support of just 6 percent.

The poll is accurate to within two per cent, 19 times out of 20. The results are based on an interactive voice response telephone survey, Forum Research said.