Rally Draws Little But Message Is Still Important Says Candidate


A rally planned to protest against the Fair Elections Act by local Ontario Libertarian Party Candidate for MPP Austin Williams didn’t attract a lot of people but Williams didn’t care.

Williams and a few supporters held the rally at the Sault Ste. Marie Court House Saturday from noon to 1:30pm.

Williams has experienced firsthand systematic disenfranchisement from the election and voting system, and due to technicalities may not be able to vote at all in the election he is a candidate for.

The overall idea behind the rally was to call attention to the fact that voting restrictions heavily impact the ability of the lower class, university students, the homeless and people who have recently moved to vote both federally and provincially.

“Furthermore, in a period of the lowest voter turnouts in Canada’s history, voting should be made easier, not harder” said Williams.

Williams wonders why more people are not engaged in this election.