Road Construction Season Begins


You know it’s almost Summer when two things happen every Spring. The midway comes to the Pee Wee on Victoria Day Long weekend and road construction projects kick off.

One of the largest projects got underway Monday with Queen Street closed from Riverview Ave to Pine street to facilitate work that was not completed last year as part of the Queen Street reconstruction project. Workers will be replacing water mains and sewers over 100 years old as well as upgrades to traffic signals and other utilities.

That section will be closed to vehicular traffic until August.QUEEN-ST-RECONSTRUCTION-MAY-2014

The other project includes Phase 3 of the Queen Street East reconstruction project, from Pine to Gravelle streets, which will be under construction for the full season.

Work is also scheduled for resurfacing of Great Northern Road from Second Line north to  Terrance Avenue.   Work will also continue on the widening of Second Line East among the larger projects. Several other roads in the city will also be affected including March street downtown.

In all, over $11 million has been budgeted for the road construction season.