The Sault Is Ready For Change, This Time Around: Ross


Celia Ross kicked off her campaign to become the Sault’s newest MPP the day after the writ was dropped by the government, but today she made it official.


Ross signed the papers to become the official nominee for the Ontario NDP – her second time around who placed second in the last provincial election.

“The Liberals made 70 new promises in this year’s budget but still haven’t kept 3 simple promises they made in last year’s budget. The Liberals wasted billions of dollars with their scandals and waste. Meanwhile, families in Sault Ste. Marie are being squeezed by high electricity and auto insurance rates,” said Ross.
Ross is campaigning to lower auto insurance rates by 15%, removing HST on hydro bills and ensuring moms and dads have access to affordable licensed childcare
In March 2014, Sault Ste. Marie Council was told that they will lose over $880,000 in child care funding because of cuts from the Ministry of Education. As of January 2015, Sault Ste. Marie will lose 61 of  339 subsidized childcare spaces. There are 1,044 children in Sault Ste. Marie who need childcare services, waiting for a spot, Ross said.
“I’m hearing that people in Sault Ste. Marie are fed up with the scandals and waste at Queen’s Park. People are telling me it’s time for a change. It’s time for a government that stands up for middle class families, that will create and defend local jobs, and give families the resources they need to make ends meet, like affordable childcare.”
Watch the video to hear more of what Ross said just minutes after filing her nomination papers.



  1. It is not the governments job to be in the baby sitting business. Taxpayers cannot afford this billion dollar price tag. Children should not be in till age five. Parents want to send their children to school early then they should pay for that out of their own pocket not the taxpayers pocket.

    NDP is just as much at fault for the economic mess as the Liberals who they kept in power to allow these scandals to ferment. We have far too many provincial employees and out of a million a 100,000 is adrop in the bucket. NDP using scare tactics to tackle the truth that the PC’s talking about. The dropping of the HST on electricity is a pittance we need to cancel windmills and solar farms and built more hydro dams and nuclear power plants to produce cheap electricity.

    I am for real change that is for the PC’s voting for the NDP is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic the ship is still going to sink.

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