So,… Is There Any Sun in the Forecast? Any?


Tired of this wet, cool and grey weather? You’re not alone, but things are slowly improving over the next ten days.

The Sault and area have been stuck in the well below normal temperature range for months now, that’s mainly thanks to a jet stream that is stopping any warmth from moving in from the south – which typically happens at this time of year. Normally the jet stream would be riding well above the Great Lakes. That’s hasn’t happened yet – but it will.

We start to see sun and slightly warmer temps this coming week and heading in next week we might even approach the 20c mark! Though even with the promise of warmer temps, the Sault remains below normal for this period. We will also see a few showers this week but not everyday.

Normals for this period, the Sault should see daily highs of 14c. We’re not even close to that right now as we struggle to make it to 10c.

Keep in mind as well that the Great Lakes are very very cold and that will play into the forecast later this spring. Long range forecasts are calling for a storm track to develop from the southern US to the Great Lakes. Could make for some active weather by the end of the month.