Swamp Things


Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo slithered into Sault Ste. Marie at the John Rhodes Centre over the weekend. The traveling zoo allows the public a close up view of some of the creepiest creatures in Canada and from around the world. From alligators to small frogs the zoo had 35 exhibitions on display as well as educational presentations and feeding demonstrations.

“You really shouldn’t have an alligator for a pet” Mark Korhonen, General curator for Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo based in Ottawa. “Some reptiles do make good pets, but you should educate yourself in the care of them”

About 95% of all the animals at the reptilian zoo come from people who previously had as a pet, that is until the reptile grows up and becomes to dangerous to handle. The rescue also takes in mammals from porcupines to rats and big cats like

The traveling zoo have been visiting the Sault for several years, offering different themes along the way. This year “Swamp Thang” features some of the most feared swamp dwelling creatures in the world including a massive green anaconda, rats, tarantulas, Lady-Chomps-A-Lot the alligator.