Tables By Teens

Tables by Teens

It was ideal conditions to construct a whole bunch of picnic tables for groups of teens taking part in Tables By Teens, a United Way event held at The Home Depot store Saturday.

United Way of Sault Ste. Marie project coordinator, Kaitlyn Irwin spearheaded the new event that fulfills many objectives along the way. “Teens need community hours and they can spend as many hours here as they can and at the same time raise money for charities” Irwin told SaultOnline News.

Home Depot jumped on board with the initiative providing picnic table kits for the teens as well as help assembling them from Home Depot staff.

The tables when complete were sold for $100 with the proceeds going to a charity that they choose.

SaultOnline stopped by to get the video evidence of the teens at work on as many tables as they can build.