Treehuggers Unite!


Because of my opinions on wildlife a few people have called me a treehugger. They use the term as though a treehugger is one of the worst things you can be.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “treehugger” as the following:

“ someone who is regarded as foolish or annoying because of being too concerned about protecting trees, animals, and other parts of the natural world from pollution and other threats.”

Actually, I don’t mind being called as such. I am proud to be one of the thousands of people who truly care about Earth and all of her inhabitants.

What is wrong with trying to end the torture of animals in circuses, rundown zoos, and trophy hunting?

What is wrong about caring for fresh water, clean air and kindness?

Nothing that I can see!

I have loved and been fascinated by nature since the time I was a very young girl. Watching Monarch caterpillars spin their chrysalis and emerge as butterflies, watching tadpoles turn into frogs, seeing mother birds feeding their nestlings or simply standing quietly to watch a deer, bear, wolf or fox walk by.

I’ve rescued and raised many orphaned wildlife babies and it has brought me joy. Of course, there is the odd time that nothing I could do could save them, but I took comfort in the fact that they died not alone and were shown kindness until the end of their lives.

I deplore trophy hunting. It makes me ill that people will pay thousands of dollars just to get a sick thrill from taking the life of one magnificent beast or another. Don’t these hunters know that by killing the biggest and the best of the species, they are in fact going totally against nature where the sick and feeble die and the strongest live to produce more of their kind? Apparently they don’t know, but more than likely don’t care.

It bothers me greatly that the rainforest is being depleted at an alarming rate, forcing the deaths of many different species of animal and plants, many of which hold cures for disease. Our oceans and lakes are being constantly threatened by pollution, but those who could help change this simply won’t because it may harm industry and “hurt the economy”.

What will it take before some people open their eyes and minds to what is really going on?

I like to believe that in some ways, this is changing. That more and more people are becoming aware of the danger our world is in. Most of the people I love and care for try in some small way to help the earth instead of destroying it. I guess they are all treehuggers too. And I’m glad they are.

The people who call me a treehugger are actually giving me a compliment. I’m proud to stand up for animal rights. For far too long people have been using animals for entertainment and profit, not caring that they are destroying the bodies and the spirit of animals who have feelings and who feel pain as much as we do.

To those that believe that they are “Alpha” and therefore have the right to treat animals in any way they see fit, think again. Every time Man destroys or weakens a species, everything else suffers. Just look what our use of pesticides has done to the bee population. If they die out we are in a huge amount of trouble, but still there are those that choose a perfect lawn over the lives of bees. Everything on this planet is here for a purpose and when we destroy part or all of it we have caused irreparable damage.

It may be hard for some to stomach, but the fact is, animals were on this earth before us and have every right to be here now. This is something we should never forget.

So go ahead and call me a treehugger. It only makes me smile.