Wynne visit proves Liberals afraid of NDP gains in the North : NDP Camp


Kathleen Wynne’s visit to Sault Ste. Marie shows Liberals are worried across the North.

“They have good reason to be scared,” said NDP campaign chair, Gayle Broad. “We’re hearing that people are tired of the waste and corruption scandals. They’re sickened that this government wasted $3 billion of taxpayers’ money. People are saying it’s time for a change,” said Broad.

After being grilled by Andrea Horwath in the Northern Ontario leader’s debate for corruption and inaction on the Ring of Fire, hydro rates, and creating jobs, Wynne began a damage-control tour across Northern Ontario ridings where the NDP stand to make gains.

“We’re in a tight race in Sault Ste. Marie and the Liberals are worried that people will choose leadership that makes sense and respects Northerners,” said Broad.


  1. Celia you are trying far too hard and are too well educated to be putting out this kind of election drivel. This behaviour should really be beneath you. Your leader has no hope or plan which is shading your comments and judgement.

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