Algoma U: Single & Sexy Casting Call

Single & Sexy

Roles are available for the 13th annual production of the one – act play SINGLE & SEXY to be presented at Algoma University.

These are paid positions (stipend).

Single and Sexy has received national and international acclaim, with adaptations produced at universities and colleges across the country, in Australia and New Zealand. A highlight of frosh activities at Algoma University, the play takes a comical yet realistic look at the lives of eight first year students and is a high-energy, entertaining, non-judgmental, straight-shooting presentation of scenarios and attitudes frosh are likely to witness or experience.

Casting Requirements: Four roles available for both male and female actors able to play within the age range of 18-early 20’s

Production Date: One show will be presented September 4th (tentative start time 5:30 pm) to incoming first year AU students.

To Apply: If you are interested please submit an email outlining any related experience. A photo is appreciated. Some singing is required (parodies of pop music), so please indicate comfort level in this regard!   Email: [email protected]

Everyone who applies will be contacted and an opportunity to audition will be scheduled late June.

Roles: A VERY general rundown of the characters in this play follows. Please note that the characters all play within stereotypes but undergo quite major shifts as the various episodes/scenes progress.

  • Nick (stereotypical jock, has racist views)
  • Curtis (Nick’s residence roommate, perceived as the geek/an innocent)
  • Damon (a musician, Nick’s boyfriend, overachiever) ** plays keyboard or another instrument that may work with pop music or should be comfortable working with sound cues
  • Ho-Li (Chinese, homophobic — well … a complex guy. Due to the style of the play, this role has been played by both male and female actors and by actors of various cultures.)