Canadian Youth Bowling Championships


The Canadian Tenpin Youth Bowling Championships were held at Northcrest Lanes in Sault Ste. Marie this weekend and as usual, they were a great success. Northern Ontario, represented by four bowlers each from Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie only managed to win one medal. Brittany Woolley and Aaron Craig managed to win a bronze medal in the Intermediate Division by bowling a combined 2339 pin fall.

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The bowling community and the parents of the youth bowlers have to send a great big thank you to all the tireless volunteers from all the provinces that put in countless number of hours coaching and doing everything to make their programs a big success.

Medal Winners – – – Team Event

Girls                                                                                                                                 Boys
Manitoba Southern Ontario
Amanda Forgues                                                                                                       Blake Foster
Brittney Rocan                                                                                                          Gavin Sum
Marissa Naylor                                                                                                          D.J. Rose
Danielle Lemoine                                                                                                     Taylor Maxner

Girls                                                                                                                                 Boys
Southern Ontario Manitoba
Jaiden Heimbecker                                                                                                Vincent Jobin
Sarah Klassen                                                                                                         Austyn Ducharme
Caitlin Tam                                                                                                              Brant Townsend
Stefani Rosa                                                                                                             Joseph Franchewski

Girls                                                                                                                                   Boys
Alberta                                                                                                                           Quebec
Augusta Bockman                                                                                               Gabriel David
Kaytlynn Insko                                                                                                    Gabriel ROusseau
Gemma Oxley                                                                                                      Nathan Ruest Lajoi
Carla Hardy                                                                                                         Pierre-Luc Arseneau

Medal Winners – – – Doubles Event
Bantam Division


Southern Ontario

Jaiden Heimbecker                                                                                                Blake Foster



Amanda Forgues                                                                                                    Vincent Jobin


British Columbia Talia Boyce                                                                              Reman Rodriguez

Junior Division


Manitoba Brittney Rocan                                                                                     Austyn Ducharme


Southern Ontario Sarah Klassen                                                                               Gavin Sum


Saskatchewan Kelsi Beauchamp                                                                               John Espanol

Medal Winners – – – Doubles Event

Intermediate Division


Southern Ontario Caitlin Tam                                                                                      D. J. Rose


British Columbia Courtney Hamann                                                                       Graeme McDonald


Northern Ontario Brittany Woolley                                                                               Aaron Craig

Senior Division


Manitoba Danielle Lemoine                                                                                       Joseph Franchewski


Saskatchewan Dannie Ward                                                                                         Levi Rosenbaum


Southern Ontario Stefani Rosa                                                                                       Taylor Maxner

Medal Winners – – – Singles Event

Bantam Girls

GOLD                                            SILVER                                                                       BRONZE

Manitoba                                      Alberta                                                                        British Columbia

Amanda Forgues                Augusta Bockman                                                               Talia Boyce

Bantam Boys

Quebec                                British Columbia                                                                 Southern Ontario

Gabriel David                       Reman Rodriguez                                                                    Blake Foster

Junior Girls

GOLD                                             SILVER                                                                                BRONZE

Saskatchewan                               Alberta                                                                                 Manitoba

Kelsi Beauchamp                      Kaytlynn Insko                                                                    Brittney Rocan

Junior Boys

Southern Ontario                     Saskatchewan                                                                             Manitoba

Gavin Sum                                   John Espanol                                                                    Austyn Ducharme

Medal Winners – – – Singles Event

Intermediate Girls

GOLD                                               SILVER                                                                                   BRONZE

Manitoba                              Southern Ontario                                                                              Quebec

Marissa Naylor                        Caitlin Tam                                                                              Maude Thibeault

Intermediate Boys

Southern Ontario                           Quebec                                                                                  New Brunswick

D. J. Rose                               Nathan Ruest Lajoie                                                                   Jeremy Jean-Noel

Senior Girls

British Columbia                           Quebec                                                                                         Manitoba

Michaela Shaw                    Andréanne Blouin                                                                         Danielle Lemoine

Senior Boys

British Columbia                       New Brunswick                                                                          Southern Ontario

Matthew Yue                            Yannick McGraw                                                                            Taylor Maxner

Medal Winners – – – Team All Events

Gold Southern Ontario 29472

Jaiden Heimbecker Blake Foster
Sarah Klassen Gavin Sum
Caitlin Tam D. J. Rose
Stefani Rosa Taylor Maxner

Silver Manitoba 28838

Amanda Forgues Vincent Jobin
Brittney Rocan Austyn Ducharme
Marissa Naylor Brant Townsend
Danielle Lemoine Joseph Franchewski

Bronze Québec 27954

Naomie Erbetta Gabriel David
Laurence Corbeil Gabriel Rousseau
Maude Thibeault Nathan Ruest Lajoie
Andréanne Blouin Pierre-Luc Arseneau