Correctional Services Workers not Happy


Correctional services workers in Northern Ontario aren’t happy with the present government’s plan to build costly living quarters for managers to use in the event of a lock out or strike. They see it as a big waste of money.

Monday, they held an information/educational rally/food drive rally. They wanted to make the public aware of the senseless use of money for this project and to shed light on the continued deterioration of working conditions inside Ontario’s jails.

They had a non-perishable food item donation BBQ. A donation entitled people to a free burger/sausage and beverage and the items would be donated to the local Soup Kitchen.

Note from Ian Turpin:

Thank you for attending our Educational BBQ.
Celia Ross attended as well as an OPSEU Region 6 Board member, Jeff Arbus & one of our well known activists, Pierre Verhelst. The BBQ was well attended, but in more of a come & go fashion than all at once, we planned on, and bought food for 100 and used up all the burgers and sausages.

We look forward to seeing you next time we have an event.