The End of an Era


You’ve probably heard the term, “the end of an era,” many times and in this case it is truly meaningful. Sue Barber is retiring from teaching and along with that, ceasing to run the theatre program at White Pines High School.

No, it wasn’t part of her duties, it was her love of the theatre that made her do it for so many years. She loved the kids and the kids loved her. It was some place for them to go and do something that they had gotten so used to, that they became adept at it, as proven by the plays that they put on. Year after year, new kids would come in and fall in love with the theatre along with their teacher. They couldn’t help but adopt the energy that Sue exuded. Even while I was talking to her today. I could feel the energy as she talked about the final play that they were putting on, what you would call her swan song.

On June 19th, 20th, and 21st, they will be on stage performing the play Company, for the last times, at 7:oopm.

The play is directed by Sue Barber and Anthony Aceti and the stage, managed by Amanda Jull. As usual, Valerie Pluss is the producer.

Admission is by donation at the door.

Come and enjoy the final act of a fantastic program run by Sue Barber at White Pines.