Generous Donation Enhances Learning Experiences for Students


In keeping with the vision of Sault College to provide a transformative life experience through empowering those who study with us, the Sault College Tennis and Boat Club recreational facility, (formerly RYTAC) located on the beautiful St. Mary’s River in Sault Ste. Marie has become an exciting new addition to the Sault College campus. The generosity of benefactors from the local community, the Dr. Lou and Mae Lukenda Charitable Foundation, came forward to pay for the costs associated with acquiring the property. A most generous recent gift to the College will benefit both the College’s students and help to meet the recreational needs of the larger community.

“The support of Dr. Lou and Mae Lukenda Charitable Foundation for our College is integral to helping us continue to provide college students with meaningful learning experiences such as kayaking, canoeing, long boarding, sailing, and tennis,” states Dr. Ron Common, President of Sault College. “For that, we cannot thank them enough.”

Sault College’s Natural Environment and Outdoor Studies programs, like all those offered to the students who study with us, place dual emphasis on academics as well as applied experiential learning. With the acquisition of the Sault College Tennis and Boat Club, new learning opportunities for students will include teaching concepts such as adventure, innovation, entrepreneurship, transformation, and integration with the natural environment.

“The vitality of many of our programs is enhanced by our area’s surrounding beauty. With this substantial gift, Sault College can continue our work in helping students develop critical skills and capacities that are conducive to leadership and growth for positive change in the local and global workforce,” adds Common.

With the new acquisition, the College also plans to continue the tennis operation at its new Tennis and Boat Club as soon as possible, providing a desirable location for tennis in Sault Ste. Marie as well as revitalizing the site and developing programs for the waterfront location in the future.

“The Sault Ste Marie Tennis Association is extremely happy to have Sault College move forward with tennis on our beautiful waterfront,” notes Bill Watts, Sault Ste. Marie Tennis Association President.

Sault College would like to thank the Dr. Lou and Mae Lukenda Charitable Foundation for believing in the value of education and for seeing the benefits in delivering a strong post-secondary education programming in our area. The College will continue to provide strong partnerships and collaboration within our community and will remain committed to educating students in the best way possible in this new location.