Highway 17 Completely Closed Near Nipigon


The Ministry of Transportation advises the motoring public that Highway 17 is fully closed at Jackfish River Bridge, which is currently under construction. This bridge is located on Highway 17, approximately 13 kilometers east of Nipigon.

Motorists may utilize Highway 11 and Highway 631 as an alternate route between Nipigon and White River. The duration of the closure is unknown at this time.

OPP warn to use caution when travelling in these remote areas especially during the evening and night time hours. Wildlife is the cause of numerous collisions and driving the posted speed limit will ensure that drivers have enough time to react.

When travelling the secondary highways ensure that your vehicle is fueled up. Fueling stations a few and far between in this area. After 9:00 pm there is no fuel available between White River and Nipigon on Highway 631 and 11.