Meet Ted, He Wants To Be Your Mayor


You may not have heard of Ted Johnston before today, but he promises you will hear a lot from him in the upcoming months leading up to the Municipal elections this fall.

Johnston entered  the race for the Mayor’s job Friday morning when he officially filed his nomination at City Hall. So far, he’s the only standing challenger for Debbie Amaroso who is seeking her second term for the top job at 99 Foster Ave.

Johnston told news Friday morning “The current administration has no sense of urgency, they don’t seem to understand that this city has not been doing all that well”

Johnston has an extensive  background in business having worked over 20 years in the automotive sector and is an “expert” in statistics. The first time candidate says he’s eyeing the Mayor’s chair because he sees the position as a CEO and that’s what he wants to be. “We have to start running this city as a business”

Saultonline was first to talk to the new candidate, watch the video to see his vision for the city and why he only gives current Mayor and council a grade of 2 out 10 for their latest term.







  1. Carl who? In all seriousness, Ted is voicing the concern (I hope) of the majority of Canadians who are increasingly frustrated at the inability of government, at every level, to be more effective and efficient with the funds entrusted to them by tax payers. We don’t want government run as a business, but we need government to demonstrate some of the key characteristics one would associate with successful business;

    – long-term vision
    – effective and aligned short and long-term strategy
    – transparency and accountability at every level
    – in support of the preceding, appropriate metrics (can’t manage what you don’t measure)
    – respect for people
    – engaging with the “front line” to solve problems
    – focus on workplace organization (an efficient organization imperative)
    – innovation and continuous improvement

    There are many things about business we would want to keep out of City Hall, but that doesn’t mean “best practices” in business success should be shut out.

    Ted’s greatest challenge would be to first rein in the partisan politics and help council agree on the “model” or foundation for an effective and efficient city… the vision. A CEO in business has the ultimate vote (notwithstanding the Board) whereas the Mayor is but one vote. The second step would be engagement with the entire workforce with a primary focus on defining “value” and inspiring council and all of the City staff to “banish waste” from their organization.

    The rest will be perspiration, inspiration, a bit of innovation and a heck of a lot of change management.

    We have yet to see a City (or any government for that matter) be successful in this type of transformation. Is it possible that the Sault might be that poster child? Best of luck, Ted! This is a long way from the Wescast days but the opportunity is wonderful. Best of luck! Rod.

  2. I am happy to see someone willing to challenge our current mayor. It is always better to have a competition . Looking forward to hearing more of this gentleman’s platform.

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