Could Be a Nail Biter For Election Night


As Ontarians head to the polls today to elect a new Ontario government, one of the latest polls conducted yesterday shows the NDP gaining ground putting all parties in a neck and neck race.

According to the poll results  from Ipsos-Reid Among Decided Voters, Liberals (33%) Edge PCs (31%), NDP (30%) in Three-Way Race; But Among Likely Voters, PCs (36%) Have Lead over Liberals (30%) and NDP (30%)

Support for the NDP has surged across Ontario at the expense of both other parties, according to a new Ipsos-Reid Poll.

New Democrats are eight points ahead of their position at the beginning of the campaign and have attracted supporters to switch from both the Liberals and Conservatives.

The poll shows among decided voters, support for both the Liberals and the Conservatives is in decline while support for the NDP continues to rise and regions once thought to be solid blue or red are now a horse race with the NDP.

“Andrea Horwath and the NDP have gained momentum,” said the Ipsos-Reid release, which describes the election as a three-way “photo-finish.” The outcome will come down to which party’s supporters show up to vote, according to pollsters.

Fully two-thirds of Ontarians believe it’s time for a change, and Andrea Horwath is their clear choice as the next premier.

“This poll confirms what I have heard on the phones and on the doorstep,” said Celia Ross, NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie. “People in the Sault are making up their minds and they are deciding to support Andrea Horwath and the NDP.   Voters know that New Democrats will clean up Liberal corruption and stop Hudak’s 100,000-job-loss plan. Every single vote will matter on Election Day.”