Need Mulch?


Gardeners, need mulch? Clean North is having a Move That Mulch! event from 9 am to noon on Saturday, June 7 at Algoma University. You can pick up some nice mulch made from chipped up Christmas trees—great for acid-loving garden areas and pathways. Bring your own containers; their volunteers will help you shovel.

Clean North will also be selling a variety of locally adapted three-year-old tree seedlings, including white cedar, white spruce, Norway spruce, red pine and white pine; prices are $6 each (or $5 each for 4+ or $4 each for 20+). They can give you tree-planting advice, too!

Also on sale will be coir coconut fibre (environmentally friendly substitute for peat moss), worm composter kits, bat houses, and rain barrels.