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Knowing how much I love music and promoting local talent, has allowed me to start a new series called, Band of the Week.

Last night I had a special treat by being able to video tape Bone Yard. This band plays a little country, southern rock, rock and blues and are known to get the crowd in a frenzy any time and anywhere they play. They are a mainstay at Rotaryfest and at any other special functions.

Tonight, sadly, I found out that they will not be performing at Rotaryfest this summer. No reason was given but the fans will definitely be disappointed.

The band is made up of Alex D’Etorre on lead guitar and vocals, Greg Simpson, rhythm guitar and vocals, Ric Datson, drums and vocals, and Brad Stephen, bass guitar and vocals.

Maybe things will change for Rotaryfest and they will be included but if they aren’t, Rotaryfest will not be the same.

Appropriate word to describe this band, “GREAT.”


  1. Mike, i like your coverage of local artists. For some reason our local media outlets seems to shy away from giving any coverage at all to local artists whether they be pickers and grinners or poets or painters. These people do it for the love of their craft.

    One band you should check out is ” Midway “. They are a well versed band whose roots dip back to ” The Black Knight “. ( check with Musicians Association for details )

    The only reason i bring this up is because after such a long and diverse time spent entertaining locals,rumour has it that these fine musicians will be disbanding this year. Thought you might like to know. -bob

  2. Love the new look of this website. Glad to see there is a new site to read since I cancelled
    the Sault Star. Everything is on this site so keep up the good work in covering all the events
    in Sault Ste. Marie.

    Good luck Craig and your past history will make this site a success.

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