OECTA Endorses Orazietti


Ontario Liberals have a proven track record of supporting education in Sault Ste. Marie and a strong plan to build on the significant progress that has been made since 2003, announced Liberal candidate, David Orazietti.

“Our government has made unprecedented investments in the local education system,” said Orazietti. “As a teacher working under the NDP government, my colleagues and I had our collective agreements ripped up and our wages cut. The NDP record on education stands in stark contrast to our government’s, which has made the most significant investments in per pupil funding, wages and school infrastructure in decades.”

“David has been an outstanding advocate for the people of Sault Ste. Marie and area,” said Katrina Wheaton, President of the Huron Superior Catholic Teachers Association. “In the education sector, he has worked hard to bring greater resources and supports for students and teachers as well as new investments in school infrastructure. It’s important we support David so that we can continue to work together to strengthen education locally.”

“It’s clear that the NDP do not have a solid plan for education in Ontario,” said Darrell Czop, Vice President of the Huron Superior Catholic Teachers Association. “The NDP put progress in our schools at risk when they rejected the progressive measures outlined in 2014 Budget, and now they are putting our education system at even greater risk by giving the PC’s the opportunity to make dramatic cuts that would harm students, teachers and parents.”

Under the Liberals, local education funding has increased by 70%, which has helped to reduce class sizes, improve test scores and protect 208 teacher and support staff positions, despite a decline in enrollment of over 5,000 students at local school boards. The Liberal government has invested over $130 million since 2003 to build five new schools in Sault Ste. Marie. The following graphs illustrate Liberal government investments in education:


The Liberal plan for education includes the following commitments to support students and teachers:

· $150 million for new technology and learning tools in schools
· $58 million for Student Nutrition Program for an additional 56,000 children
· Saving families up to $6,500 a year in child care costs through Full Day Kindergarten
· Improving math scores by implementing our Math Action Plan

Prior to rejecting these important improvements to the education system, the NDP voted against new school infrastructure as well as funding for Full-Day Kindergarten, which is currently available at all schools in Sault Ste. Marie. The last time they were in government, the NDP increased class sizes, cut teacher wages by imposing the social contract, and built no new schools.SALARY-INCREASE