OLG Smaller, Great Opportunity For The Sault Says OLG Chair


When the modernization plan is complete the Ontario Lottery and Gaming will be smaller with about 1,000 employees , Philip Olsson, OLG Chair told Saultonline.com news Thursday.

Olsson along with other board members are holding a corporate board meeting in Sault Ste. Marie giving board members a chance to see how important OLG is to the community.

“On every trip you learn something important and on this trip today the most important thing I learned was what a genetti is” Olsson joked with local media.

“But seriously, OLG is very committed to the Sault, we’ve been here since 1989 as our head office, we’re gradually transitioning people back to the Sault”

“There will be more jobs created in gaming and lotteries but they’ll be created in many cases, in the private sector” Olsson said.

For more of the local media scrum with Sault MPP David Orazietti and OLG Chair, Philip Olsson, watch the video.