An Open Letter To The PUC From Ward One Councillors


This letter from Ward one councillors, Steve Butland and Paul Christian was issued to Sunday night.


Dear Mr. Parrella,

During the past week the P.U.C. began its summer unidirectional flushing program in the east end of the city. As a result, many people experienced another brown water event. It is clear from the volume and tone of the complaints registered with the P.U.C., Ward Councillors, and the Mayor’s office that the citizens of the east end have reached the end of their patience. It is quite understandable when families are without and acceptable quality of water for a period exceeding 24 hours.

For this reason, we as Ward Councillors, are urging the cessation of unidirectional flushing in the east end for a minimum of two months. In our opinion, this action will demonstrate to the citizens of the east end of the city that the P.U.C. is aware and genuinely concerned as to the present untenable situation. We believe it will be viewed as a tangible gesture of good will.

We recognize the rationale for the flushing, however, given the present circumstance, it’s best to discontinue its practice in the short term.

We trust you will give this request serious consideration and look forward to a timely response.

Paul Christian
Steve Butland
Ward 1 councillors


  1. Thank you Mr. Christian and Mr. Butland. I too, have had my fill of brown water. It’s very disturbing when you turn on your tap and see tea colored fluid coming out! The quality of our water has certainly changed. It used to taste good, now it does not. I now find myself buying bottled water, something I never thought I would have to do. This brown water now dictates when I can bathe, wash my clothes,and to some degree when and what I can cook.
    thankyou for taking a stand on this and asking the PUC to give us a much needed break!

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