A Proud Moment


It took them longer than normal but they did it. No matter what path they took, the moment arrived for them on Friday, June 20, 2014 when they were handed their diploma signifying success, and everyone that attended the ADSB Adult & Continuing Education Graduation was so very proud of them.

Friends and family of the 26 graduates cheered and hollered and at times shed tears of pride and love for them. Paul Curtis, valedictorian, told of the long road he took to get there and how proud he was for returning to the education system to get his diploma and also encouraged others to do the same.
Following is the list of graduates and award winners:

Armand Auger – Joanne Vaillancourt English Award
Mathematics & Science
Chris Benwell
Steven Blais
Jessica Bolan
Michaels Bryant
Bonnie Champagne
Paul Curtis – Valedictorian
Tianna DeLuca
April Denys
Chris Hilderley
Michael Johnston Business & Computer Studies
Iain Kirkwood
Bernie LaFramboise
Dave MacLary
Tiffany Mak
James Newman
Darcy Oliver
Chris Page
Mellisa Penno
Marti Piazza
Justin Powley
Allison Radke – Co-operative Education
Nick Raymo
Shannon Stillert – Social Science
Matthew Strachan
Alicia Wasyliniuk