Quick, Decisive Win for Orazietti


In a shocking result, the Liberals not only won the election but managed to win by a majority. They were able to win 59 seats as compared to the PC’s 27 and the NDP’s 21.

In Sault Ste. Marie the battle was over shortly after it began. David Orazietti retained his seat by accumulating 17,490 votes or 58.53%, Celia Ross managed 7611 or 25.47%, Rod Fremlin 3703 or 12.39%. The other two candidates, Kara Flannigan of the Green Party received 965 votes or 3.23% and LTN’s candidate, Austin Williams, received 115 votes or 0.38%.

A total of 29884 voters voted.

In 2011 there were 29,461 that voted out of 59,698 eligible to vote.

The question now remains, with Mr. Orazietti holding his seat, probably retaining his minister’s job, and it being a majority government, how well will Sault Ste. Marie do with its infrastructure needs, four laning of our highway, and keeping OLG from moving.

Mr. Orazietti is the first Liberal candidate to win the Sault riding since Colin Campbell held it from 1937 to 1943. He has held that position since first winning the seat in 2003.