It’s Raining It’s Pouring – The Rain We are Storing


There are only 2 days remaining to order your rain barrels from Mrs. Alton’s Grade 10 class at St. Basil’s. Be prepared for by-law 507 (restriction of outside water use) while helping out local charities at the same time.

In an effort to raise water conservation awareness, the Grade 10 Religion class at Saint Basil Secondary School is again selling rain barrels, after a successful sale just over two years ago. “It was such a success and so well received by the community that we wanted to sell them again,” says Mrs. Alton.

  • Good for your garden! (plants prefer rainwater over chemically treated water)
  • Good for your camp! (store rainwater for camp use)
  • Good for the environment! (water conservation is an important habit to get into)
  • Good for your property (storm water management – keep the water away from your foundation)
  • Good for you pocket book (you get charged twice for your water – use and disposal)
  • Good for social justice! (help global and local charities like Ryan’s Well Foundation)

When ordering in advance of the sale, purchasers select the colour and model of their rain barrel, and add any accessories, such as downspout diverters and rain barrel stands. Each barrel is equipped with all the  parts needed to put it together, so it can be collecting water in no time at all.

Order online or by calling Mrs. Sarah Alton at St. Basil 705-945-5542 by June 5th – ONLY 2 days away!!!

Pick up of ordered barrels will be June 12th from 3:30 – 8:30.  A few extra barrels will be ordered and will be sold on a first come – first serve basis.

The students decided on two worthwhile causes who will benefit from the sale. Half of the proceeds will support Ryan’s Well Foundation, an organization dedicated to delivering water access in developing countries, and half will go to the SBSS ROCKS fund, which supports local charities and school initiatives.

Let’s work together for a Great Cause (Ryan’s Well Foundation and Local Charities through SBSS Rock Fund)!