Sault International Bridge Walk is Worth Waking Your Teenager Up For


Thousands of youths in Sault Ste. Marie had the opportunity to ignore their alarm clocks and sleep in Saturday, celebrating the first morning of summer vacation.  However, being as excited as I was about the International Bridge Walk, I thought it would be an excellent idea to wake my teenager up at 6:30 am for some quality Father / Daughter time experiencing this event.  Surprisingly, fleeing the country on a bus only to have to walk 4.5 kilometers across a bridge to come back home wasn’t very high on her priorities yesterday morning.

Soon enough there we were, on a school bus, with the wheels (and her eye-rolls) going round and round.  The electricity being felt by all potential bridge walkers who shared the relatively smooth ride of the yellow limousine.  “So they’re just going to drop us off in a foreign country and we’re on our own!” we overhear from a friendly reveler sitting behind us.  As the bus’ laughter fades away I lean over to my daughter and deadpan, “I told you we were being taken to refugee camps.”  Her eyes roll even harder.

Canadian Pride at the Norris Centre
Friendliest Refugee Camp Ever!

Breakfast.  Breakfast is the greatest piece of ammunition in any parents artillery against crabby children in the morning.  If you can’t depend on breakfast to sooth our darling savage beasts, then God help you.  It was fortunate that the starting point of the bridge walk at LSSU’s Norris Centre had provided a breakfast buffet (and Canadian money at par, eh?) because I was reluctant to ask for God’s intervention just yet – it was only 8:30 am.


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