Simply Amazing


A bundle of energy is a good way to describe this dynamo of a woman. Even losing two years of her life to mental illness, she accomplished what many could only dream of. She is simply amazing.

clara-hughes-2Her biggest battle now is to help others combat the dreaded curse called mental illness. She embarked on this cross country cycling venture to help raise money to fight it. On Tuesday she landed in Sault Ste. Marie to a rousing welcome from adoring fans and well wishers. Not even the rain and cold weather could keep her or them away.

She talked to reporters about what needs to be done to help people with mental illness, like improving hospitals, increasing staff to deal with them, and uppermost, awareness about the situation.
She is a battler and a defender of people like her, people who fight mental illness and also the stigma that is attached to it. She fought and won and she will keep fighting, like she said, until mental illness is no longer taking charge of anyone else’s life.

She will take a day off on Wednesday and spend it in our city and then she will be off again on her trek, which will take her to her final destination, Ottawa.