The Water Quality Improvement Project

PUC Water

In February PUC announced its comprehensive Water Quality Improvement Project to improve Sault Ste. Marie’s drinking water quality. The PUC is pleased to announce that implementation of the improvements continues on schedule.

The first step in Stage 1 of the Project was to remove the Lorna Wells from day-to-day service. This was accomplished on May 26th and marks a significant milestone towards the implementation of Stage 1. The second step involves the addition of two advanced treatment methods into the distribution system. Once fully implemented by end of 2014, this stage of the Project should address the main concerns of PUC customers regarding the colour, taste and odour of their water.

In order to accurately assess the level of water quality improvement after completion of Stage 1, the PUC hired Ipsos Reid to conduct a customer opinion poll. The survey was completed in May and will establish a baseline from which to measure improvement in customer satisfaction with the city’s drinking water. The results of the survey will be presented at City Council meeting August 11th.
With the Lorna Wells removed from service, the PUC commenced its annual Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) program in the east end of the city. The UDF program is crucial to preparing the distribution system for the implementation of the advanced treatment methods, which are scheduled for completion by the end of 2014.

“It is of critical importance that the east end watermains be thoroughly flushed out before the new treatment processes are brought on-line” said Dominic Parrella, President of the PUC. “This is to minimize the potential of the advanced treatment method reacting with the sediment that has accumulated in the distribution system since the last flushing cycle nine months ago,” says, Parrella.
UDF, is one of the best practices in the water industry for removing loose sediment from cast iron and concrete water pipes. Customers looking for more information on the Project or UDF activities are encouraged to visit the PUC website; or call Customer Service at 705-759-6522 Monday through Friday (9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.).
The PUC is committed to keeping its customers informed on the progress of this important Project with these regular monthly updates.