William Merrifield School Placed Under Review


At Tuesday’s Board Meeting, the Board approved that William Merrifield VC Public School be placed on “Under Review Status”. The review would focus on school closure, accommodating the JK-8 program and students currently housed at William Merrifield in nearby existing elementary schools for September 2015.

This school, constructed in 1946, underwent a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) in 2013 by the Ministry of Education. Following this assessment, the 5-year Facility Condition Index for William Merrifield VC Public School was identified at 82%, which is very significant and means the facility needs extensive capital renovations.

Next steps would include the appointment of a local Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) for William Merrifield, consisting of a parent representative, a community member, a municipal representative, the Principal of the school and a staff member.