How Yogurt Helped Build A Playground


Steve Bodnar is gaining a reputation of a playground builder. The Principal who joined Grand View Public School on Denwood drive, seems to have the knack for playground make-overs.

While Principal at East View School, Bodnar and his students were the driving force behind a major playground rebuild. Now, he did the same thing at Grand View with a little help of some yogurt.

“The playground has been a big issues with the school for a number of years with the school council” Bodnar told Saultonline Thursday. Bodnar began a mission with the number one priority of the council.

Grand View playground a make-over with help and donations from students and parents with fundraisers and also entering into contests in hopes of winning a portion of the $42,000 make-over costs.

Grand View entered a country-wide online competition sponsored by Danone yogurt called “Rally for Playtime.” The 2 schools with the most Danone codes, averaged per student wins $25,000 towards a playground makeover accessible to all children and is ADA compliant to serve those with disabilities.

Needless to say, Grand View students ate a lot of yogurt that helped move from fourth place to first in the final days of the contest.

Out of all the schools that entered across the country, Grand View led the way. The school got the official call yesterday Bodnar said. The new playground was built at the end of May with a few final touches this month.