Another Cold and Wet Evening


Another cold and wet day at the Pavilion didn’t stop music lovers from attending the 4th night of the Summer Concert Series put on by the city of Sault Ste. Marie.

Rick Charbonneau and Friends sang and played their favorite tunes, some originals and others cover music. The band is made up of Rick Charbonneau, guitar and vocals, Enn Puldmaa, mandolin, Doug Wilde, keyboard, Britta Wolfert vocals, and Cody McMillan on guitar and vocals. Cody, now a Torontonian, is home on holidays and enjoyed getting together with his old friends for the gig.

Rick has a couple of CDs out entitled Man Who walks by Moonlight and Back to the Water.
The concerts will now be pre-empted because of Rotaryfest, until July 22nd when Britta Wolfert and MoonDazz take to the stage.