Biggest Surprise at Rotaryfest 2014


Rotaryfest is over for another year and everyone will now wait, impatiently, for July 2015. There wasn’t many surprises during this year’s Rotaryfest but there was a few. Michael White and The White were great as expected, the local bands were also great, as usual, and the crowds became larger as the days went on. And it wasn’t that Shaun, Val and George busted their butts trying to make it a success.
I will now list some of the surprises that did occur:

1 – I didn’t win the draw!!

2 – A new female band emerged called Domina. They are all well known musicians with different names and with different bands and if I may add, different dress codes. They are going to be heard from in a big way, you just watch and listen.
And the biggest surprise:

Jeff McNeice, the emcee for the annual Rotaryfest celebration, entertained us by doing a Billy Joel song while the stage was being prepared for the next act. The surprise wasn’t that he did it, but because of the talent he possesses. He was simply amazing. It made me stop to think, “who’s next, Gino Cavello playing the accordion?”
Watch the video and enjoy his talents.
All in all, it was a great Rotaryfest 2014.