Canada World Youth Returns to Sault Ste. Marie: Help Needed!

Canada World Youth

Canada World Youth is proud to announce the arrival of a group of 18 Canada World Youth (CWY) volunteers from Tanzania, Kenya and Canada who will be staying in the community of Sault Ste Marie from late September to mid December for the first stage of a CWY educational program called Youth Leaders in Action.

We need your help!

Two options are available:

  1. Become a host family for two youth volunteers, one from Canada and one from Tanzania or Kenya and share a part of your home life! Host families receive a weekly allowance of $180.
  2. Offer volunteer work opportunities to give CWY volunteers hands-on work experience and help them develop job skills for the future. We are seeking work placements with a focus on the environment.

Integration into a family and volunteer work with local agencies and organizations are key goals of the program. They provide youth volunteers an opportunity to learn about the region as well as the local lifestyle and culture.


About Canada World Youth

Canada World Youth ( offers international educational programs to young people aged 15 to 35. Since 1971, more than 37,000 people from Canada and around the world have participated in CWY programs and have stayed with 12,000 host families in 69 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

For more information contact:

Heather Lewis
Project Supervisor
Sault Ste. Marie/Tanzania
[email protected]