Cracking Down


In the summer of 2013 Summer Students with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service as well as officers from Traffic Services in conjunction with staff from the Accessibility Center were involved in an education campaign to ensure that all local businesses, schools and office buildings had proper signage for accessible parking spaces.

Now that the campaign has been completed and the signage is proper; officers from both Traffic Services and Patrol Services are involved in an enforcement campaign that will target those persons who park without permits in accessible parking spaces.

Forms for Accessible Parking Permits can be obtained through Service Ontario.  A form is completed by the individual seeking the permit as well was by their healthcare provider.  Once the form is completed a temporary permit is issued until a permit one arrives. There is no cost for the permit.

The permit shall be displayed on the sun visor or on the dashboard of the vehicle so that the international symbol of access for persons with a disability, the permit number and the expiry date of the permit are clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

The permit can be used on any vehicle the individual who the permit is issued to is travelling in.  It can only be used by the person who is issued the permit; and it is being used to pick up or transport the person.

Under City Bylaw 2008-26   it is an offence for someone to park in an accessible parking spot without a proper permit.  The fine for this is $300

It is also an offence to park in an accessible parking spot and fail to properly display the parking permit properly. This fine for this offence is also $300

Also keep in mind if you are driving an individual who has a permit and you drop them off at their destination, you are not able to park in an accessible parking spot as the person is not utilizing the permit for themselves to park.  When you do this, you are also occupying an accessible spot that someone else in need of could use.

Personal Mobility Scooters, which includes medical scooters, should refrain from parking in these spots as they are reserved for motor vehicles.  Medical scooters are not motor vehicles.