Fake Cop On The Prowl?


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying an individual who was personating a Police Officer.

On July 16, 2014 at approximately three o’clock p.m. a lone female was driving in the area of Landslide Road and Old Garden River Road. A vehicle described as a black coloured two door car approached the female driver’s vehicle from the rear and activated red and blue coloured lights that were positioned on the dash of the vehicle. The female driver believed that she was being stopped by an unmarked Police vehicle and did stop. A male driver in plain clothing exited the black coloured vehicle, approached the female and asked for her driver’s license. During the interaction with the male the female driver became suspicious as to the validity of the males identity and she left the area. The male entered his vehicle and left the area in the opposite direction as the female.

The male driver is described as being approximately 6 feet tall, late thirties to early fourties in age, thin build, a dark coloured goatee with a chin strap and smelled of cigarette smoke. He was wearing a red coloured T-shirt, dirty torn jeans and a ball cap believed to be a Pittsburgh Penguins logo.

Police do operate unmarked vehicles that have emergency equipment but all local area Police agencies advise that no traffic stops were conducted by any of their officers in that area or at that time. If a member of the public is unsure as to the identity of an individual who says that they are a Police Officer, they may ask for identification from the officer. Police officers will have a Badge with the name of their Police Service and rank as well as Service issued photo ID. A cell phone call to police will also confirm the validity of the traffic stop.