Fire Causes Water Shortage in Thessalon


At approximately 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning, Thessalon Volunteer Fire Service responded to a fire on the east side of Main Street in downtown Thessalon.

The building housed a residence and a restaurant and has been destroyed by the blaze.

It is unofficially reported that all occupants were able to leave the building unharmed.

The fire fighting efforts saved adjacent buildings, including the local LCBO outlet immediately to the north.

The Town’s municipal water system feeds the fire hydrants and the extensive draw on the system to fight the fire has significantly reduced the Town’s supply to homeowners and businesses.

Officials are asking that residents reduce their water consumption for Saturday and Sunday to permit the system to replenish its storage and supply capacity for treated water.

Residents and businesses are asked to avoid any discretionary use of water.

Fire fighters are continuing to apply water to the building from a portable tank provided by the Municipality of Huron Shores Volunteer Fire Department and have discontinued drawing from hydrants.

The portable tank is being refilled by the Huron Shores department from sources outside of the Thessalon municipal system.