Flushing Starts In The West End


PUC water customers are advised that the Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) Program will be starting July 7th in the west end of the city in addition to continuing in the east end.

Customers are encouraged to visit the PUC website at www.ssmpuc.com for regular updates and to see a map(s) of the flushing area.

The west end flushing area from July 7th to July 18th (excluding weekends) will be the area generally bounded by Carmen’s Way to lower North Street and Second Line East to Wellington Street West.
The east end flushing area for the week of July 7th to July 11th will be the area generally bounded by Parkshore Drive to Dacey Road and Queen Street East to River Road.

During flushing activities, there is a high probability some customers outside of the flushing area could also experience discoloured water, potentially up to several kilometers away.
This is due to the fact that any time there is a major change in the rate or direction of flow of water in the distribution system, sediment in the watermains can be disturbed and carried along with the water.

The UDF Program is performed in order to remove sediment from within the city’s watermains and is a recognized industry best practice for improving water quality.
PUC Services apologizes for this inconvenience.


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