Gore Street Gets Bombed


Gore Street got bombed today, flower bombed that is.

The full day activity organized by the Taking Back Downtown group gathered at the corner of Gore and Albert and then spread out to add some colour, positive energy and life back to the western edge of the downtown.

The street was closed from 1pm to 5pm as the group worked its magic.
The Gore Street Flower Bomb drew a large number of volunteers , young and old all pitching in to make the area the once vibrant business and neighbourhood it once was.

The initiative led by organizer Jessica Bolduc invites neighbours and community minded citizens along with sponsor businesses to perform a make-over of sorts by cleaning, painting, weeding and revitalizing the area.

The group flower bombed James Street last year with great success.

“We want to show the community that we appreciate the history and the people currently residing in this area to feel welcome and to come here and use this space” Bolduc said.

Watch the video for more!


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