Are You Interested?


City Council is accepting applications from individuals interested in serving on the Compliance Audit Committee. The mandate of this committee is as follows:

To consider any compliance audit applications concerning candidate campaign finances submitted by electors in the 2014 Municipal Election within 30 days of their receipt and decide whether they should be granted or rejected.

If an application is granted, to appoint an auditor to conduct the compliance audit of the subject candidate’s election campaign finances.

To review the auditor’s report within 10 days of receipt and decide whether legal proceedings should be commenced.

To determine if the auditor’s report indicates that there were no apparent contraventions and, if it appears there were no reasonable grounds for the application, to recover the costs of the audit from the applicant.

The following persons are not eligible to serve on the committee – members of Council, City staff and candidates running for office in the 2014 municipal election. In addition, members selected for the compliance audit committee shall agree in writing that they will not work for or provide advice to any candidate in the 2014 municipal election.

Individuals are asked to submit an application form (available from the Clerk’s Department, Civic Centre, 99 Foster Drive – Level 4 or City website – Forms and Maps ) outlining their background and qualifications for serving on this committee. Appointments are for a four-year term (2014/18). Your personal information is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act and will be held in strict confidence to be used solely for the purpose stated above. Applications will be received by the City Clerk up to 4:30 p.m., Friday, July 25, 2014.
For additional information, contact the City Clerk’s Department at 705-759-5388.