The List So Far

2014 Municipal Election

With the municipal election just over three months away, there’s still plenty of time for the nomination list to grow. At present there are 16 people who want you vote. We take a look at each ward and the race for Mayor.

The following candidates have filed nomination papers with the City Clerk:

Amaroso, Debbie
Johnston, Ted
Williams, Austin

Butland, Steve
Christian, Paul

Myers, Susan
Selvers, Michael

Macmichael, Luke Gordon
Poluck, David
Shoemaker, Matthew

Niro, Rick

Bruni, Marchy
Celetti, David
Fata, Frank

Grandinetti, Ozzie
Krompotich, Joe

Now let’s have some questions and comments about the list:

Ward One: Why is no one else running in ward one? With all the problems with the brown water, you would think that people in this ward would have had enough and would want a change. Both councillors remained silent until after the election was announced and with Butland and his green energy BS, our power bills are higher than ever. I thought that this type of energy was supposed to be cheaper. Come on ward one, stand up and be heard. Isn’t there anyone that is fed up enough to run and replace at least one of them. This team has to be broken up. They say that they are working together but nothing positive is happening.

Ward Two: Where is Terry Sheehan? Is he giving up on politics or does he have his sights set higher. He is a very competent city representative with experience and it would be a shame to lose him.

Ward Three: Is Pat Mick retiring and I guess Watkins realized that civic politics was a bit over his head. Rumour has it that he won’t be running. David Poluck on the other hand has been involved in civic issues for quite a while now and wants some changes made. He is knowledgeable and well spoken. Why not give him a shot at it.

Ward Four: Rick Niro is the only candidate to announce his intention to run so far. He has past experience, has done a commendable job during this term and deserves to be re-elected. Where is Lou Turco. Is he hiding in the bushes, waiting to see if anyone else is running? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Ward Five: Both current councillors have filed their papers as of this date, along with David Celetti, a former councillor who seems to have had enough of the inactivity of the present council. Stay tuned for a possible interview to find out why he wants to return to council.

Ward Six: It looks like Frank Manzo, because of his ailing health, is going to finally hang it up. Frank has done a great job for all these years for ward six, just ask the constituents of that ward. Joe Krompotich has filed his papers and is definitely a fighter for not only the ward, but for the entire city. As for Ozzie Grandinetti, I hope that someone else steps up to challenge for the second seat.

Mayor: I see no one ready to step up and replace Debbie Amaroso. Unless Johnston and Williams become more visible and let the citizens of this city know why they want to run for the top job, I don’t see a change coming.

Don’t be surprised to see a very familiar name step up to challenge Mayor Amaroso. I think that inactivity, 0% tax increase because this is an election year, and the current problems with this city’s infrastructure will convince this unknown candidate to surface very soon.


  1. One important thing that I believe needs to be understood and appreciated about City Council is that it’s not meant to be glamorous and prestigious. If you think it does, then you should not be running for City Council. I believe the roll of a City Councillor is mostly about being a “public servant of the people”. It’s really about dealing with ordinary, every day things that affect homeowners, businesses, taxpayers and neighbours. Some may think it’s tedious, but if you are sincere about doing the job and doing it respectfully, it’s very rewarding.  I’ve enjoyed that aspect of my duties and, for this reason, that is why I’m running again on October 27.
    Now, the other important part of those duties of a Councillor can seem complicated, but really it’s not. That part involves what I like to believe is a little bit of intelligence and a fair amount of common sense. It would be great if City Council were made up of a few accountants, engineers, maybe a couple of lawyers and perhaps unclude a couple of business owners. If we did, we would probably have what could be considered as perfect a Council as you could have. But we don’t, now, and we most likely will not after Oct.27.
    That’s right, we don’t have these skills on Council. I always say that people like these are too busy earning a living; some volunteering on various Boards and Committees and others volunteer for local Clubs like the Rotary. So, that is why we have City Staff that fill these positions and Staff are the experts to rely on to answer the complicated questions that help us to make the right decisions and, hopefully, in the process, move this City in a positive direction.
    City Council has a great deal to do about “RESPECT”. Respect for the taxpayers, developers, seniors on fixed incomes who continue to stay in their homes, and our youth who want to stay and work in SSM. Yes, in summary, being on City Council has a great deal to do about respect for your Community.
    Unfortunately, some run for City Council because they think they’re entitled to be there. No you’re not !!! No one is ! You have to earn that right. So, when you look at the candidates running this year; watch for those who act like they’re legends in their own mind. They’re easy to spot. Especially when they make false promises, innuendos and say the things that simply sound good. They’re phonies !!!
    With these individuals, I would respectfully suggest that you turn them off and vote for the ones that actually are sincere. But you can’t do that if you don’t go to the polls. So folks, please get out and vote.
    Good luck to all of us on Election Day. And much luck and good fortune to Sault Ste. Marie. It’s our City and we should be proud to try and make it the best place to live, work and invest in this Province.
    These are just my thoughts on this subject. Have a great week……………….    

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