Major Cause of Collisions Locally


In June 2014, approximately 50 % of all motor vehicle collisions reported to the Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) involved wildlife. Motorists are warned to be extra careful while driving on local area highways, especially at night.

Every year a number of people die as a result of collisions with animals. Damage to a vehicle and its occupants can be serious. Animals that stand high on their legs (moose, deer, etc.) can roll onto the hood and into the windshield of a vehicle after they have been hit.

There are a number of areas locally where motorists are apt to encounter animals on the roads. Motorists should take the following precautions to help avoid collisions with animals:
· Use eye lead time and be aware when you are in an area that has wildlife, especially if signs indicating animal crossing are posted;
· Do not overdrive your headlights; this will allow you to see an animal and stop in time to avoid hitting it;
· When animals are observed ahead, slow down until safely past them;
· Search for a second animal, close behind, after the first animal has been passed safely;
Be alert for animals, especially in wildlife areas and on open highways in farm or ranch country. If you spot a wildlife sign on the side of the highway, slow down and proceed with caution, especially at night. Expect a surprise, animals are unpredictable.