Michael White and the White


It was a fantastic ending to a great annual event. Rotaryfest 2014 and its fanatic music fans were treated to a great performance by Michael White and the White, a Led Zeppelin tribute band.
In Jimmy Page’s own words, “Michael does it best,” describes Michael White and the White to a tee. While performing for the audience, they took time to play up to the saultonline.com camera, as proven by the lead guitarist, when he came across the stage and became intimate with our lens. It made this reporters day worthwhile.

Packed wouldn’t begin to describe the number of fans that attended the show. As the evening went on, the crowd became larger and larger and the atmosphere became electric. Long before the band came onto the stage, people started congregating in front of the stage with their cameras and any other toy they could muster up. One girl even had a water machine gun. Noisy and wild could be the a couple of words to describe the atmosphere.

Michael and the White, thank you for keeping your promise to me and thanks for a great performance.
To the volunteers, thank you again for making this year’s event such a great success. Shaun, Val, and George, you guys did a fantastic job.

Rotaryfest 2015, hurry up and get here.