Mid-Season Tournament


Congratulations to the Mid-Season Champs, All Star Trophies! What an exciting final game against Brookfield Power. A pop-fly, from Declan Gallivan, to centre field was caught by Elijah Hawdon who turned a double play to end the game at 7-5.

All of the games were so exciting to watch as our kids are continuing to improve on their hitting and defensive game. Thank you to all of the coaches for encouraging and teaching the kids in this game that requires many different skills, techniques and a knowledge of a variety of rules.

Following are the team members:
Team–All Star Trophies
Head Coach–Matt Hawdon
Assistant Coach–Koski
Boulet, Andre
Boulet, Logan
Caruso, Nicholas
Clouthier, Jake
Craig, Owen
Cushley, Brendan
Hawdon, Elijah
Majeau, John
Majeau, Jaron
Matthews, Christian
Mears, Liam
Mears, Graydon
Ruscio, Julian