It’s Okay To Be Creeped Out


It may be small right now with cramped corners at the Mill Market location , but Entomica has the potential to become a major educational and tourism destination in a few years.

“We thought, why not? why not have this in Sault Ste. Marie?” John Dedes, CEO at Entomica and a local biologist at the Canadian Forestry Centre. Entomica is the place to learn about exotic insects.

Little Lily Alton has dreams of becoming the next generation anthropologist so it seemed only fitting that she cut the red ribbon to officially open the new exhibit.

“Insects are an essential part of the ecosystem, and they are probably the least understood component although they are the most diverse” Dedes told the crowd at Mill Market Wednesday which he says is a great tie-in because without insects there would be no food market, there would be no “us”

Saultonline was there to take in the creepy crawlers and we also learned about what is in-store as Entomica grows.