Polar Vortex Busted: Hot Weather On Its Way!


The Polar Vortex has come and gone and though it did cause some upper level disturbance yesterday with pop up showers and a few thunderstorms it certainly didn’t bring extremely low temperatures as promised.

Yesterday the Sault hit a high of 17.2c   that’s a far cry from the record low of 1.7c set in 1946.  In fact, if you look at temperature trends from the last ten years you will see that cooler weather for parts of July is actually fairly normal.

Normal temperatures for this time of year are around 24c while overnight lows sink to 11c

But now that all that silliness is over, get ready for some real heat.

This coming weekend will be the hottest weather of the year hovering close to that 30c threshold for Sunday and Monday.

Rotaryfest will once again see the sun shine with comfortable temps for the parade of 23c.  Warmer days with plenty of sun is in store starting Thursday and lasting through to early next week. A few showers are possible Sunday and Monday but nothing major.

Long range forecast indicate the warmer days will  stay put over the Great Lakes through the end of the month.







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