Son Terrorizes Mother For Over 12 Hours

Police Domestic

On the 24th of July at approximately 9 pm City Police received a 911 call from an adult female who reported being held against her will in her residence for a period of over 12 hours. It is alleged that the victim’s 31-year old son refused to allow the victim to leave the residence or let her out of his sight.

It is alleged that during the incident the accused threw water at the victim; bit her repeatedly in the face and punched her in the chest; pointed a machete at the victim and threatened to kill her; struck her in the face and head area with the side of the machete; choked her and threatened repeatedly to kill her.

The accused also assaulted the victim’s dog by kicking and punching it.

The victim was able to get away and called the police. The accused fled the residence prior to their arrival.

It is further alleged that when the accused fled the residence he threatened a male in the area and pointed the machete at him.

Officers from Patrol and Investigation Services along with Emergency Services Unit officers spent the night looking for the accused.

Shortly after 9 am this morning officers from Patrol Services and the Emergency Services Unit located the male and took him into custody without incident.

The accused has been charged with one count of Threatening Death, one count of Assault, two counts of Assault with a Weapon, one count of Overcome Resistance by Choking, one count of Forcible Confinement and one count of Injure an Animal.

The accused will appear in bail court on July 28th.