Ten Great Children Earned a Bike Today


Today at 11 a.m., ten lucky children were awarded their own brand new mountain bikes complete with a helmet, bell, and lock for their participation in the Tim Hortons Earn-A-Bike Program. The bikes and equipment were supplied by Tim Hortons.

In June and July these children gave back to their community. They range in age from 9 to 13 years and were selected by their schools in conjunction with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service for this program. The children had to perform 30 hours of community work by cleaning up local parks and one day was spent washing police vehicles. They even had to clean a BATT (an armoured vehicle)!

The ten children were accompanied by officers from the Community Relations and Crime Prevention Bureau. This was a perfect opportunity for these young people to see the “human side” of policing and to see beyond the uniform while establishing a great rapport between them and the officers.

Chief Keetch stated, “I am delighted with the success of the Earn-a-Bike Program. It helps to foster strong police/youth relationships while working together to improve the environment. The bicycles are a great reward for a job well done!”

“The Tim Hortons Earn-A-Bike Program is a great way for the local franchisees to give back to the great community of Sault Ste. Marie”, says franchisee Dick Brownlee on behalf of all Tim Hortons owners in the Sault. “We could not do this program without the great support of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service who have helped Tim Hortons to grow this program in a way that is a win-win for everyone, especially these young ones who have in some cases received their first-ever brand new bike. The thing to remember is that they were not just given a bike, they earned it.”