Where’s The Summer Gone?


Well, here we are heading into the August long weekend holiday and it feels like it’s Thanksgiving. Will this cool and rainy summer last through August?

The short answer is, maybe.

For sure, this Summer has been on the cooler side – that should come as no surprise as forecasters were telling us in April that it would be cooler than normal and it has been. The Sault has yet to see consecutive days of 30c or higher this summer. Though it hasn’t been drastically cooler than normal, being that normal means about 24c, we’ve only been slightly cooler than normal for most of the summer thus far, but there is a window of opportunity for those yearning for hot and humid weather.

According to some long range forecast models, you might want to jot down the week of August 8 to 11 where clear, hot and humid conditions are expected for the upper great lakes. But that’s it, after that it begins to get cooler and wet. In fact, that’s how much of August is shaping up. Lots of rain and unsettled conditions.

Slow moving storm systems along with torrential amounts of rain show up in the forecast from August 12 right through to the end of the month. The rain will be accompanied with cooler than normal temperatures.

Heading in to September expect to see many record low temperature days as Summer comes to a close.