Drive-by Robbery and Assault


On August 6th just before 10:30 pm City Police received a 911 call regarding two males being assaulted on Bennett Boulevard.

Two adult males were walking on Bennett Boulevard headed towards Shannon Road near Holy Cross School. A car pulled out of Indiana Drive onto Bennett Boulevard and stopped. Four males got out of the vehicle and as the two pedestrians got close, the four males called them over. A conversation took place and one of the four males punched one of the pedestrians. The second pedestrian tried to call for help and he was also assaulted.

The suspects then demanded the wallet from the first victim. The victim complied with the demand and handed over his wallet and contents.

Both male victims were taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

At this time the investigation is ongoing and has been taken over by officers from Investigation Services.

The descriptions at this point are limited. Witnesses in the area described the vehicle as being a grey Chevrolet car. One of the males was possibly wearing a salmon coloured shirt. The suspects are believed to be in their 20’s.

If you witnessed this crime or have any information please contact City Police at 705-949-6300