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20140806_181333_resizedIt’s almost normal now to bump into a film set in various locations around the Sault at any given time it seems.

For the last 9 years  Sault Ste. Marie has become a favourite spot for many film producers to set up shop to shoot their feature films. Two productions are currently being shot in the city. “Remember” and “Coconut Hero”.

Feature A-list actors such as Canadian Christopher Plumber and Martin Landau are among the stars currently filming “Remember” directed by award winning Canadian director, Atom Egoyan .

16 film projects have shot in and around Sault Ste. Marie alone since 2005, well over 50 feature films and television series have made their films in North Eastern Ontario since the creation of the NOHFC that encourages producers to shoot in Northern Ontario with receive grants and tax credits.


Bruce Clement
Bruce Clement


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